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Summer Gardening

Summer is the most exciting time for any garden lover. Whether you spend more time in the flower garden, or if you want to have fresh produce for dinner and are growing a fantastic vegetable garden, Green Planet Naturals wants you to have the best patio vegetable garden in the neighborhood. With our potting soil mixes, and other materials at our online garden store, you can be sure to grow the brightest and the freshest garden this summer.

Summer Flower Garden


The sun is both essential and an enemy of flowers in the hot summer months. Flowers need a lot of energy to grow, so they do need a good day’s sunlight to grow full and bright. On the other hand, too much sun can be dangerous and will dry out the soil, so be sure to water your flowers well.

Garden Soil

Building your composting pile in the spring is crucial for a successful flower garden. A good potting soil mix is moist but will also allow for proper drainage, and has a lot of organic matter to help roots grow. There are tests in which you can see if the soil has the correct pH balance for your flowers to flourish. If you are growing plants that prefer good drainage, shop our online garden store for soil mixes containing volcanic pumice. Volcanic Pumice not only aids drainage, but also acts as a soil conditioner; releasing moisture when needed.

Best Summer Flowers

  • Aster is a perennial that blooms in the summer and continue into the fall.
  • Gloriosa daisy will brighten up any garden. They are usually three to four feet tall with a variety of colors.
  • Purple fountain grass can be used to fill out your garden. This plant prefers colder climates and is an annual.
  • Penstemon have a short lifespan, but are a deep purple color with trumpet-shaped blooms.

Summer Patio Vegetable Garden

Depending on your gardening zone, you could potentially plant just about any produce you can think of. With so many options, it can be overwhelming but plan on gardening what you like to eat to keep it simple. When starting plants from seed, read directions regarding when to start the seed, how much space to allow between each plant, and other important information.

Best Summer Vegetables

  • Fall and winter squash such as butternut or pumpkin can be started in the summer.
  • Bush beans can be put in the ground as a seed, but keep an eye on the garden soil temperature. The roots of these beans are shallow, so be gentle with weeding.
  • Corn enjoys having enough space to grow in, so when designing your garden, leave enough room for the corn to grow. Add a general use fertilizer into the garden soil when planting.
  • Cucumbers need a lot of sun, water, and rich garden soil when growing. Pick cucumbers often so there is more room to grow. Cucumbers also enjoy a support such as a trellis or vine.
  • Peppers can be planted a week or two after the last frost. They also need a lot of sun, well-drained garden soil, and plenty of water. Add a natural fertilizer into the garden soil when the plant begins to flower. With sweet and bell pepper varieties, the plant may not produce any crop until the weather cools in late summer.
  • Tomatoes are a popular summer produce. Tomatoes should be started from seed indoors in mid-spring. Once they are planted outside, they need a full day’s sunlight and should be supported with a trellis or vine.


  • Plant summer vegetables after the last frost date for your zone.
  • Apply compost two to three weeks in your garden before planting.
  • Remove overripe plants to protect the garden from pests.
  • Plant mid-summer flower bulbs for fall flowering.
  • Give flowers around an inch of water a week to protect roots.