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All Natural Soil Block Blend

How to Use:

  • The key to perfect soil blocks is the consistency of the mix. Add just enough water for the worm castings and compost to stick together.
  • Once the blocks are formed, place seeds inside the indented space in the top of the soil block and cover seed with leftover garden soil mix.
  • Be careful not to over water but keep medium moist.
  • Follow seed packet instructions for additional caring needs.
  • When the seedlings are ready, transplant them into the Premium Potting Soil.

Green Planet Naturals Soil Block Mix with Compost and Worm Castings is specially formulated to make and hold the soil block shape while offering an optimal environment for seed germination. It is carefully blended as a reliable soil block medium for experienced blockers but also easy to use for someone who would like to try soil blocking for the first time. The soil block is self-contained and eliminates the need for a separate plastic tray or pot. The soil blocks promote excellent root and stem development while also providing nutritional elements to young plants when used with a garden soil mix.

  • Ingredients: Compost (Softwood Shaving 75% - 85% and Manure, may contain Straw and Hay), Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coco Coir, Volcanic Pumice, and Worm Castings.
  • Eight Qt bags are packaged in 2.75 mil. poly bag.
  • 12 & 16 Qt are packaged in 3 mil. poly bag.

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