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A Versatile and Effective Soil Amendment

How to Use:

  • Green Planet Naturals volcanic pumice may be used indoors and outdoors, and it is safe to use with all types of plants in containers and small garden beds.
  • To achieve ideal levels of soil drainage, aeration, and/or moisture retention, ensure your planting medium includes up to 25-30 percent volcanic pumice, and up to 50 percent volcanic pumice for cacti and succulents.
  • Green Planet Naturals All Purpose Potting Soil, Premium Potting Soil, and Acidic Planting Mix have been formulated with an optimal proportion of Pumice for most plants.
  • Find these materials and more at our garden supply store.

Green Planet Naturals Pumice is a natural, lightweight, and porous material. Volcanic pumice offers a multitude of benefits as a soil amendment. It naturally absorbs water and then releases it slowly, helps aerate the soil, provides good drainage, won’t wash away with frequent watering, and doesn’t break down or compact with age. Green Planet Naturals pumice is ideal for use as is or to create your own potting mix for containers and small garden beds. Shop our garden supply store today. 

  • Ingredients: 3/8" Screened volcanic pumice - largest size particle is 3/8".
  • Smaller size particles may be present.
  • 8 Qt bags are packaged in 2.75 mil. poly bag.
  • 12 & 15 Qt are packaged in 3 mil. poly bag.

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