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Feather Meal Fertilizer 12-0-0

  • Feather meal fertilizer is a byproduct of poultry processing that is derived from poultry feathers.
  • This garden material has high levels of nitrogen.
  • Shop for feather meal fertilizer to ensure a consistent slow release over a long time period.

Green Planet Naturals garden supply store has non-pelletized feather meal fertilizers that are conveniently packaged in a 1-LB resealable bag for your Small Space Garden needs. Green Planet Naturals feather meal fertilizer 12-0-0 is in a non-pelleted form. Slow and consistent release of nitrogen over a long period of time. Not ideal if plants that need nitrogen immediately. Single nutrient fertilizers are best used in a fertilizer mix to supply plants with sufficient levels of N-P-K.

  • Feather meal fertilizer is best for leafy vegetables and increases soil structure.
  • Application Rate: Mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of soil.
  • Application rates can vary depending on soil conditions, it is recommended to have the soil tested for exact application rates.
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